I admit I have been a bit of a post squirrel, since my life in the real world has been pretty hectic the past month. I have moved my family of 5 from one continent to another. A daunting task. On our must do asap list has been things like: Buy car and insurances. Set up phone service, internet, cable, water, gas and electricity. Paint entire house, enroll 2 kids in school and take care of 3 year old happy camper while waiting for spot in preschool.  Oh by the way, must apply for interesting job as well, while receiving and unpacking what seems like thousands, but is only hundreds of boxes.

So about the picture. Use this basic risotto recipe and add butter-roasted mushrooms after step 5 just before you let the risotto rest. Garnish with marinated artichokes. Toss some arugula on the side and serve. Velbekomme as we say in Danish 🙂


Use red roasted peppers in place of the marinated artichokes. Not only does it taste great, it looks beautiful too.

Next up: My all time favorite baked bars: Cherry pistachio bars.

You do not want to miss these bars. I am serious!

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