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Where do you find inspiration?

I am easily inspired when it comes to food. Often times the content of my refrigerator will be the main inspiration for our weekday dinners. Other times it can be beautiful fresh produce, food magazines or cookbooks. I have a pretty decent collection by now and I do use my cookbooks. However, I rarely follow a recipe 100% (except when trying out new pastry recipes, since baking is really more a matter of chemistry). I like to tweak other people’s dishes. But most of all, I like to compose my own meals and create healthy treats.

When is a recipe your own?

Everybody wins when good recipes are shared. Proper food writing etiquette is giving credit to whoever came up with the idea first. It is a grey zone, but technically a recipe is your own if you come up with it by yourself or if you change more than 3 ingredients in an already existing recipe and write the cooking procedures in your own words. Whenever my inspiration comes from a known source, I will give credit where credit is due by referring to that source directly. If there is no source referral, the source is me. If you like one of my recipes, please be kind and give me the credit by including a link to my blog. That would be very much appreciated and is the right thing to do.  To read more on the matter check out what food blogger David Lebovitz has written on the subject.

Can I use the photos on your blog?

No, unfortunately you cannot. All the photos are my work and they are copyrighted. You cannot use them without my permission and you cannot republish any photographs unless you have my written approval.

14 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. A warm recommendation – try the Maple oat scones – they are really good both for children and adults 🙂 Thank you Stine!

  2. Whauu!! – and congrats – among the nominated in the contest ‘The best Danish food blog’ – You’ve definitely have my vote Stine Lavigné – once again, thanks for a inspiring food blog 😉

  3. I have just tryed your cauliflower soup, it is realy delicious and very easy to cook.
    Thank you I get a lot of inspiration from your blog 🙂

  4. Kære Stine –

    Sikke mange minder om dejlige timer med små babyer – og fantastiske kager! – for år tilbage… Skriv, spis – og nyd jeres sidste år abroad!

    Kh Kristine

  5. Thank you, Susanne! I made those macaroons, so yes I do have the recipe. I didn’t post the recipe originally, because it didn’t fit the concept “easy, simple, healthy” – certainly tasty though. Tell Louise to check back within the next 24 hrs. I’ll be glad to share the recipe. The macaroons are amazing and worth the time and effort!

  6. The food looks very good!!! I’m all excited to cook it soon.

    I shared the page with my friend Louise. She gave me some of those wonderful Paris Macarons last year when she was visiting. She just told me there is no recipe for that on the site. Do you have such recipe? Those Macarons are some of the best “cookies” I ever had in my life!

  7. Okay 😉 The cuisine at the restaurant was asian-cuban, so all the desserts (and the food) was amazing. My favorite dessert on the menu was probably the star-anise ice cream with chocolate covered fortune cookies. My unofficial favorite was one I created for myself when the right ingredients were available based on memories from a thai restaurant in NYC: coconut ice cream served over warm jasmine rice and topped with roasted macadamia nuts. One word to describe it: dreamy.

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