My food background

I love food. I love to cook.  I love to bake. Always have. I am glad, I have to eat 3 times a day. My mom cooked bland weekday meals. My dad cooked up a storm, when he entered the kitchen. Frog legs, shark, tongue, heart, escargot. You name it. We ate it.

I know my way around a professional kitchen. I have been a dish washer in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been a waitress in Paris, France. I have been eating out several times a week while living in New York City for years. I have been a pastry cook in high profile restaurants in San Francisco. When this blog aired, I lived in Los Angeles, where fresh produce is abundant and cultural diversity a source of serious inspiration.

I now live in my hometown Copenhagen, a city which has become a culinary destination.  My name is Stine Lavigné and this is me when I am focused: