DM i hverdagsmad – Danish Championship in Weekday Cooking

So this is the official logo for the first ever Danish Championship in Weekday Cooking, A brilliant idea if you ask me. Not everyone, but many people like to eat good food every day. Sometimes the ideas are few around dinner time after a long busy day. Hence the competition open to everyone with great weekday recipes. Out of hundreds of recipes, 10 recipes have been chosen in 5 categories. There are many tempting recipes represented, if you can read Danish. 2 of my recipes have made it to the final in the catergory called ego or single:

Tortilla omelette


Greek style pita pizzas

Both dishes can be prepared in about 20 minutes or less and are flavorful and healthy. You can support me with your vote by going to the official website here .  Just in case you were wondering, you can vote on facebook or by text…

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