White Fish With Asparagus, Shallots & Lemon

I really liked the side dish with asparagus, shallots & herbes de Provence that I posted yesterday. So much in fact that I made it again today. But this time I put it on top of white fish. I used tilapia, but would suggest a bigger, firmer fish like cod. I added a few lemon slices and some tomatoes. Baked it 25 minutes in the oven at 400F/200C. I served the fish with rice. Artisan bread and salad would be more Spring-like. Just so you know what to expect, if you have tried the side dish version. The smell doesn’t provoke imagery of lavender fields when topped on fish and the vegetables won’t caramelize as much as in the side dish version. Still a weekday treat. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious, if you ask me 😉

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