This is the week of Cinco de Mayo and I will celebrate by featuring some Mexican dishes  and then I’ll go back to posting every 3-4 days next week. Starting out with one of my current favorite lunches. Heidi Swanson from is my direct inspiration. Check out her version here. Heidi is an accomplished photographer and highly creative in the healthy cuisine. You should check her site, even if this lunch does not appeal to you. It made my day. The simple joys, right?!

This is really more an idea than an actual recipe:

Bring the heat up on a small non-stick skillet. Drizzle some olive oil and crack an egg. Break up the yolk and cook for 30 sec, then top with a corn tortilla and flip it over when the egg has just attached to the corn tortilla no more than 1 min. Now add your favorite filling(s) or leave the egg alone and be playful with the toppings. I went classic with cheese and ham today. Flip over to half moon shape and cook 1-2 min on each side. Serve topped with whatever makes you happy. I chose cherry tomatoes, avocado and herbs today. Could have been cilantro, but all I had was mint. It was refreshing.

Although this was lunch today, I wouldn’t hesitate eating it both for breakfast and dinner depending on how you fill and top the tortilla. Lots of possibilities…

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