Juicing Celeriac & Apples

Since watching the Joe Cross documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and the sequel “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2”, I have have made an effort to incorporate juicing in my diet. Watching Joe Cross transform his body from diseased to bursting with health was very inspiring and a bit of an eye opener with regards to the many benefits of juicing.

So if you  have a juice maker and need a quick boost of energy and a refreshing kick, then here is one of my favorites: celeriac and apples. The juice is mild in flavor and very refreshing plus the list of health benefits in celeriac is long. To name just a few, celeriac contains several minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin k and vitamin C. The root vegetable is also high in iron and antioxidants. Read more here.

  • 1/2 peeled celeriac
  • 2 apples

Try adding lemon, lime or ginger. Yum.

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