Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes

I put my kids to work in the kitchen. They colored shredded coconut, they colored marzipan, shaped marzipan and ate marzipan.

While the gang was busy creating flowers, I whipped up a batch of chocolate muffins. I used my mexican chocolate muffin recipe and substituted the cinnamon with vanilla and added 1 more tbsp of cocoa powder. While the muffins were baking, I made a batch of ganache. See ganache filling recipe in chocolate macaroons (I made half a portion for 12 cupcakes). I needed some soil for my coconut grass to grow. When all was done, we put together the Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes: Cut the tops of the muffins to make them even, smeared a good layer of chocolate ganache on top, dipped the muffin tops in green unsweetened shredded coconut and decorated with marzipan flowers and easter eggs.

Happy Easter to all!

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