What to do with a handheld blender…

If I had to pick only one kitchen tool that helps me elevate my cooking, it would have to be my good old handheld blender!

I use it to:

  • Turn chunky soups creamy
  • Make incredible dips
  • Grind nuts for baking
  • Make sauces smooth
  • Grind oats for granola bars
  • Make the best hummus
  • Make a quick smoothie
  • Make pesto in no time
  • Turn olives into olive tapenade
  • Make marinades
  • Make nutty salad dressing

This is what I thought of in just 2 minutes, I am sure there is more uses. But I am also pretty sure you can relate to how useful this little easy to clean, inexpensive, easy to store gadget is to have handy in any kitchen.

Sept 4, 2011. Note to self  – and others. Never blend anything warm with cheese. The cheese will melt and stick to your blender like glue. You can get it clean again, but it takes patience and hard work. Not worth it. If using eg. parmesan cheese in a pasta sauce with olives, then add the cheese afterwards.

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