Old Fashioned Apple Cake Deluxe

This is a very traditional Danish apple cake or rather trifle. When my grandmother used to make it for me, she made a classic chunky applesauce with apples from her garden, which she layered with strawberry jam, whipped cream and back then butter-fried bread crumbs. This is an updated version of an old classic and one of my favorite fall desserts:

Spiced apple & pear sauce

I added a a few pears to my applesauce for sweetness and simmered the chopped fruits with a bit of cane sugar, a cinnamon stick and a few whole star anise.


I used a fruit-sweetened currant jam from St. Dalfour. All their jams or preserves are sweetened with fruit juices only. No refined sugar. As far as I know, this is the only purely fruit-sweetened brand on the market and my first choice.

 Candied almonds

Forget bread crumbs. I made candied almonds and crushed them as soon as they had cooled. This time of the year I make candied almonds a lot. It’s a fairly healthy treat and takes less than 10 minutes to make.

Chantilly cream

I love that word chantilly cream. It simply means sweetened whipped cream and I added bourbon vanilla extract to mine.

Make as many layers as you wish – preferably in a glass. Close your eyes and enjoy. For me every bite is a sweet trip way down memory lane 🙂

3 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Apple Cake Deluxe

  1. Hold da fest, lyder som en kæmpe oplevelse! Er selv meget fascineret af USA og har rejst langt vestkysten og østkysten et par gange!
    Hvor er du sød, det skal du virkelig også gøre 🙂 Det er helt igennem julet.
    Jeg har fundet dig på bloglovin forresten, er du også på twitter?

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