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Citrus marinated chicken tenders

This is such a summerly way to serve chicken and the best part is that the marinade doubles as salad dressing. Just remember to discard the used marinade and set aside the dressing before marinating the chicken. This is pretty important … Continue reading

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Blueberry oatmeal muffins

These are delicate healthy muffins loaded with oatmeal, yoghurt and powerberries aka blueberries. Perfect way to start your day or for a quiet moment to recharge your batteries in the middle of the day…It took 5 batches to get this one … Continue reading

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Spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts and green apples

There is really nothing new about this salad. It is so simple, yet so incredibly scrumptious. Anything with walnuts and goat cheese is irresistible to me – as you may have figured out by now?! I had forgotten about this divine salad … Continue reading

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Broccoli quiche

I have been making broccoli quiche and a ton of varieties for over 20 years. It’s just one of my good old keepers, which is why I thought I would share it with you. As I was writing this, I wondered about the … Continue reading

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Fresh apple snack

I thought I would share this snack with you. It is my absolute favorite way to snack on apples these days. It actually has been for quite a while now. Just cut a fresh apple or two, preferably organic and top … Continue reading

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Pasta & asparagus in creamy lemon sauce

Asparagus are still in season, which basically means they are at their best and cheapest right now. This dish is Italian inspired. Light flavorful without drowning in sauce. 1 pound /450 gr pasta 1 bunch of asparagus 4-5 tomoatoes 5 oz … Continue reading

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Scones with cocoa nibs

  Traditional scones are made with heavy cream, which makes them very tasty, but also incredibly rich and you will use a good amount of your daily calories in a few good bites. That’s fine with me. Sometimes. But if there … Continue reading

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What to do with a handheld blender…

If I had to pick only one kitchen tool that helps me elevate my cooking, it would have to be my good old handheld blender! I use it to: Turn chunky soups creamy Make incredible dips Grind nuts for baking Make … Continue reading

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Wild rice salad with pomegranate and greens

Yum! This salad has it all. Crunch from the toasted walnuts, tart sweetness from the pomegranates, the goat cheese provides smoothness, the rice has just the right chewiness and the greens keep it fresh. Can you tell that I absolutely fell for this salad? Who … Continue reading

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Citrus cole slaw with nuts & fruits

  This is a light, fresh all year cole slaw with almost no fat. Just a bit of good fats from olive oil and essential omega fatty acids from the walnuts. It’s great with ribs in the summer, it lightens up any holiday meal and goes … Continue reading

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