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Roasted root vegetables with butternut squash

Fall is in the air – and it is time to add squash and pumpkin to your food. So simple, so colorful and so seasonal. Not to mention super good for you. An all time fall favorite. Potatoes Butternut squash (or other eg. hokkaido … Continue reading

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Flank steak

It’s finally warm enough to cook an outdoor meal in Denmark. Heat up your grill and give these a try. It’s a true California recipe and one you will want to keep or tweek! Note: Prepare a day in advance. 1.5 … Continue reading

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Japanese chicken with wasabi & avocado

In our home we call this dish Tamami’s chicken. Tamami is a beautiful Japanese woman, who married into our family years ago. She once told me about this dish. Now I make it (almost) every time, I have some white wine chilling … Continue reading

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Grainy crackers

  This recipe comes from a Danish friend, Liselotte. We call them “knækbrød” in Danish. It is a crispy cracker full of grains. You can eat the crackers with a topping eg. cheese or with your favorite dip. My favorite way … Continue reading

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Double apple cinnamon muffins

  I believe we can all benefit from cutting down our intake of sugar. I splurge on weekends and hold back on sugar during the week. I still like something sweet with my afternoon tea, though. So I created these low … Continue reading

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Quinoa for breakfast

Quinoa is a grain from Peru. It was sacred to the Incas. No wonder. The last decade quinoa has made its way to the Western World and can now be bought in most supermarkets in several colors. Quinoa is not only … Continue reading

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Sweet & hot tuna salad

This is my favorite tuna salad. It’s great for lunch, but also fancy enough for a dinner  sandwich, if you are short on time. Serve with salad or veggie sticks. You can prepare the tuna salad a couple of days in advance. 2 … Continue reading

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Cauliflower soup with avocado cream

  Once in a while I like to treat our bodies to a light meal. This mellow soup does the trick. It’s light, super good for you and has very well balanced mild flavors.   Soup 1 cauliflower 1 quart / 1 liter chicken broth … Continue reading

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White fish with citrus and walnuts

The National Board of Health in Denmark recommends that we eat fish for dinner at least twice a week.  This recipe is adapted from Healthy in a Hurry. You can have a restaurant style dinner in less than 30 min. Serve with rice.  1 orange … Continue reading

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Broccoli salad with avocado & tomatoes

This is a super easy, healthy and tasty salad: Broccoli, cut into bouquets Avocado, cut into cubes A handful of cherry tomatoes Olive oil Balsamico Steam or boil the broccoli for a couple of minutes. Put all vegetables in a … Continue reading

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