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Gnocchi with cut herb pesto

Give pasta a break and have a gnocchi dinner or side dish. Gnocchis are dumplings made from potato and semolina flour. Cook 1 or 2 packs of gnocchi depending on whether you plan to eat this meal as a side dish or main entree with salad. Make extra if you … Continue reading

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Flank steak

It’s finally warm enough to cook an outdoor meal in Denmark. Heat up your grill and give these a try. It’s a true California recipe and one you will want to keep or tweek! Note: Prepare a day in advance. 1.5 … Continue reading

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Japanese chicken with wasabi & avocado

In our home we call this dish Tamami’s chicken. Tamami is a beautiful Japanese woman, who married into our family years ago. She once told me about this dish. Now I make it (almost) every time, I have some white wine chilling … Continue reading

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Salmon spinach lasagne with citrus cream

I love lasagne and I love salmon. I think salmon is a perfect match with spinach. And spinach goes well with pasta. Lemon is always good when heavy cream is involved. Those were some of the thoughts that were rummaging through my head … Continue reading

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Spicy shrimp tacos with avocado cucumber salsa

When we eat at our local Islands Burgers, I always end up ordering a fish taco with cabbage. This is very out of habit for me, because I usually order something new, something I have never or would never cook at home. This is the … Continue reading

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When I worked at the Rotunda in San Francisco, they served these huge warm popovers with strawberry butter. You know, instead of the usual bread. They had a full time guy in the kitchen, all he did was bake popovers. … Continue reading

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White fish with asparagus, shallots & lemon

I really liked the side dish with asparagus, shallots & herbes de Provence that I posted yesterday. So much in fact that I made it again today. But this time I put it on top of white fish. I used tilapia, but would suggest a bigger, … Continue reading

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Mac ‘n’ cheese de luxe

I have been a fan of Jamie Oliver ever since The Naked Chef aired over a decade ago. He keeps impressing me with his simple approach to food and I am amazed with what he has accomplished with regards to bringing fresh-cooked food into all the … Continue reading

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Cold spinach salad with warm eggplant

  Spinach is on my list of things to eat often, simply because it is tasty, versatile and really good for you. Here is a version with fresh spinach and cooked eggplant. The eggplant is cooked with parsley, lemon, garlic and … Continue reading

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Red lentil soup with spinach

  This is quick comfort food. Prep time for this meal is 5 minutes. Seriously. My friend Angela told me about this yummy, thick lentil soup. It pretty much takes care of itself. I love that kind of food on … Continue reading

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