In the US ingredients are usually measured by volume, where as most Éuropean recipes are measured by weight. I use both US cups and oz and I can’t live without my kitchen scale. Since I know, I have readers from both places, I try to accommodate you all. I know not everyone has a kitchen scale, so most of the ingredients in this blog are written in volume. 

The volume measurements are not as correct as weighing an ingredient. The volume measurements  depend on several factors such as how you pack the ingredient in the cup, how the ingredient is cut, the water content of the ingredient, the density of the ingredient and more. However, the recipes in this blog are easy everyday cooking and it won’t affect the taste or texture, if the measurements are not 100 % correct.  

Here are some of the most useful conversions (FYI some numbers have been rounded off slightly to avoid really odd numbers, it will not affect the final result) :

cups ml
1/4 60
1/3 80
1/2 120
2/3 160
3/4 180
1 240
oz grams
1 28
2 56
3 85
4 110
5 140
6 170
7 200
8 225
9 250
10 280


Links with extensive conversions:



Both blogs are excellent with hundreds of delicious recipes and beautiful, inspiring photography. Do yourself a favor and check them out, if you don’t know them already.

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