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Chinese five-spice chicken & orange salad

Every diner in California serves a version of Chinese chicken salad. Here is mine. You can make it in less than 30 minutes, which makes it a good healthy choice for weekdays. It is fresh and flavorful. The original inspiration is found … Continue reading

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Watermelon strawberry popsicles or smoothies

This is a cooling repost from a hot day in Los Angeles not too long ago: If you have been looking for a sweet, healthy, refreshing treat in the heat – well look no further. These watermelon strawberry popsicles must be your answer. If … Continue reading

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Phyllo pie with salmon and broccoli

This was a quick shot, but I want to share it with you anyway, because the pie is so cool  looking and simple to make. The next time I make phyllo pie, I may take a better picture. So here … Continue reading

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Black fried rice

Shopping for five takes time. Today I decided I would rather spend my time with a good book and a cup of tea in my hands than go grocery shopping in the rain. So tonight’s meal consists of vegetables from … Continue reading

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Carrot muffins with applesauce

These muffins don’t look like anything special, but honestly one is not enough. Each moist bite is bursting with spices and subtle sweetness. Really, really good – and good for you – any time of day. Definitely a keeper! 1 … Continue reading

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

             Liquid nitrogen ice cream has become more mainstream and Copenhagen now has its own liquid nitrogen ice cream shop called Istid, which translates into Ice Age. Apparently using liquid nitrogen is a much older invention than you … Continue reading

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It’s all about matcha

  Matcha Matcha is high quality powdered green tea with a bright green color. The tea plant is covered before picking to accentuate the beautiful color. One of the many health benefits of matcha is the high content of antioxidants. Matcha is also rich … Continue reading

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Warm kale salad

  Here is a suggestion for a quick lunch or dinner. Chop some kale and heat it on a pan with olive oil for a few minutes. Squeeze lemon juice over the kale, season with flaky salt and toss with … Continue reading

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Swimming pool cake

I make my kids eat so much healthy food. When my 6-year-old son had to bring a cake to his class at school, he really wanted to bring a swimming pool cake. I have no idea how he came up … Continue reading

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Juicing Celeriac and Apples

Since watching the Joe Cross documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and the sequel “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2″, I have have made an effort to incorporate juicing in my diet. Watching Joe Cross transform his body from diseased to … Continue reading

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