Mango orange smoothie and Foodyear on Flickr

So simple, so good. This is a sweet marriage. I use 1 mango and juice from 2 oranges per smoothie. If you have time, then peel and cut the mango into pieces and freeze before blending your smoothie.  The frozen mango pieces will make the smoothie incredibly smooth and thick. Yum. You can also use ice cubes, if you don’t have time to freeze the mango or try thinning your drink with water for an even more refreshing drink agua fresca style. Agua frescas are drinks made with fresh fruits, water and sometimes lime. Some are sweetened, some are not. It all depends on the fruits you use. Agua frescas are very popular all over Mexico. Here is a good recipe for cantaloupe agua fresca.

These are some of the more popular agua fresca flavors captured at my local farmer’s market. We often stop by here after the kids’ swim lessons.

By the way this is my post # 100. To celebrate I want to let you know that Foodyear is expanding to Flickr. Clik here to search for new recipes. For your convenience all the food photographs have been divided into sets, so let’s say you need inspiration for a side dish. Simply click on the thumbnail with sides and hopefully you will find a picture that makes you hungry enough to go into the kitchen and do something about it.  As you may know by now, everything you see is simple and easy and can be whipped up in little time by anyone. You may see pictures on Flickr that are not on the blog. Yet. But they will be uploaded in the very near future. Consider them sneak previews.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you will come back for more easy and healthy food  in the future. Bonne appetit!


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4 Responses to Mango orange smoothie and Foodyear on Flickr

  1. Angela says:

    My kids were asking me to make them some smoothies yesterday. Here’s one I’ll make for them today, thanks!!

  2. Maiken says:

    This looks delicious! I have to try this tomorrow :)
    But do you use the juice from two oranges, or do you just peel it and put it all in?

  3. It’s a great way to use ripe mangos. Super nutritious as well. I hope they like it :-)

  4. Hi Maiken
    I use the juice from the 2 oranges. If you have a really good blender, I guess you could peel the oranges, cut them in smaller pieces and blend it all. The result may not be as smooth, but you would get more fiber this way. Thank you for stopping by Foodyear :-)

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